Mini-Post Reminder: Darkmoon Faire Next Week!

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Darkmoon Faire, Mists of Pandaria

With all the hullabaloo surrounding Patch 5.0.4, I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the start of the Darkmoon Faire!  Like a local waiting for the carnival to come to town, I stopped by today to see if the Faire was open and as you can see the Carnies are hard at work setting up the portal to Darkmoon Island.


Carnies at Goldshire


This will be the last chance you get to add an easy five points to any professions you haven’t leveled up to 525.  In addition, and assuming you’ve been collecting tickets, this will be your last opportunity before you roll a  monk to pick up some heirloom gear from the faire.

So take some time out from practicing your new skills and hit the Faire!

On the way over from Stormwind I happened to see this floating off in the distance and I just had to stop and check it out.


Retrofitted Gunship


Pretty Cool! Since I’m exalted with Stormwind I graciously agreed to sign autographs, but discovered that Sky Admiral Rogers is a bit of the grumpy type.  She’s clearly got anger management issues.


What? You don’t want my autograph?



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